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Overdue Books, Lost/Stolen Books, and Fines

Generalized Overdue fines for Hiram Library books

Fines schedule for library materials depends on what type of material and where it is from is below:

Fine Schedule for all Materials

A borrower who fails to return a book after the second overdue notice has been sent will be charged for replacement.

Lost/Stolen Books and Replacement Charges
Hiram College Library holds borrowers financially responsible for all library material checked out on their accounts. Borrowers are responsible for notifying Circulation immediately if library material is lost or stolen. To speak with the Circulation manager, borrowers may visit the Check-out Desk at the Library, call (330)569-5489 , or e-mail The Circulation staff will assist borrowers in resolving their accounts or direct questions and concerns to the Circulation manager.

Charges for lost and stolen library material are intended to help the Hiram College Library replace the material and make it available for future use. Replacement costs vary for Hiram College’s material. OhioLINK items have a replacement cost of $100.00 and a $20.00 processing fee.

Payment by the borrower in no way implies transfer of ownership of library property. Unreturned items remain the property of the library. If the borrower finds and returns the material in good condition after paying for the material, the replacement cost will be refunded or credited.