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CCP/FDLA/WRIT off-campus

Provides resources and support to instructors and students taking Hiram courses off-campus.

Resources for Non-Hiram Students

If you are in a Hiram class, but not enrolled as a Hiram College student, you still have a number of options for research.  These include your public library and resources available to all Ohio residents through the Ohio Web Library.

Finding Books

To use books you will need to take advantage of your local public library.  If your library is part of a group called SearchOhio, you may request books from other libraries in that group, as well as from OhioLINK, the consortium of academic libraries in the state.

Finding Databases/Articles

A number of databases are available to all citizens of Ohio through Ohio Web Library, which is a cooperative among Ohio libraries for all Ohio residents. The databases most used by Hiram students, especially Academic Search and Points of View Reference Center, are part of this group of resources. Just click here, but you will need a library card from your local public library.