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Media Services

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Basic Services

Services at the Media Center

These are just some of the services available at the Media Center, if you have any other needs please let us know so we can work to make other services available.

Details for all our services can be found under Services Offered in the menu to the left.

General Service Charges:  (Cost of supplies is included in these prices)

Video Recording


Audio Recording $10.00/hr
Film-to-Video (Digital) Transfer $10.00/film
Video-to-DVD (or DVD-to-Video) Transfer $5.00/cass./disc
Analog (VHS,LP’s,Audiocassette)-to-Digital Conversion $7.00/item
Videocassette Duplication (non-copyright material only) $5.00/cass
CD/DVD Duplication (non-copyright material only) $2.00/disc
High-speed Audiocassette Duplication $0.50/cass
Real Time Audiocassette Duplication $2.00/hr

* Maximum of 50 color copies

       ** Price determined by poster size, paper texture, & coverage


CD (R & RW) $0.50/disc
DVD (-R & +R) $0.60/disc
Mini-DV Cassette $3.00/cass
Laminating Film (1 foot min) $1.00/foot
Construction Paper $0.10/sheet



No equipment rental or off-air recording for non-college patrons available.

 College patrons (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of the Library) may borrow equipment by signing the Equipment Loan Form at no charge.


Please comply with the United States Copyright Laws.