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Open Educational Resources (OER) Information: OER at Hiram

OER Initiatives

Hiram College's Open Educational Resources initiative is part of a greater Affordable Learning Initiative 

Reduced Cost Course Materials Initiative with Open Educational Resources:

Hiram College’s Reduced Cost Course Materials Initiative will decrease the cost of course materials while maintaining quality educational resources for Hiram College Students. These materials include, but are not limited to textbooks & course texts, online homework systems, videos, workbooks, and images. The initiative will utilize Open Educational Resources and library eBooks and eJournals to reduce the costs paid by students. This initiative will work in tandem with the Day One Course Materials Initiative to ensure that Hiram students have access to materials on the first day of class.  

Affordable Learning with Course Reserves and eBooks at the Hiram College Library:

The Hiram College Library purchases course textbooks for reserve or as eBooks when possible. The library procedure is listed below. Please note that faculty must request that the library purchase print copies of their textbooks if we do not already own them. The library will not automatically purchase print texts. 

  1. The library receives the textbook list from the bookstore following the adoption period. Please be sure to complete your textbook adoptions as soon as possible to ensure that your books are available at the library for your students.
  2. Library staff will review the list and check for any eBooks and print books that we already own. Print books will be pulled and placed on reserve for 2 hour checkout at the beginning of the term. Faculty will be notified that their book will be placed on reserve so that they can put it in their syllabus. eBook links will be shared with faculty as well.
  3. If we can purchase an eBook, we will purchase the book and share that link with faculty. Please be on the lookout for any correspondence from library staff in case there are questions about edition/format.
  4. Faculty may request that we purchase a print book. However, the library will not automatically purchase all print books. Please request the purchase of a print book at the time of the bookstore deadline. (Note: please request any print purchases for Spring semester 2024 by Friday, December 1 … but earlier is better. The sooner we receive a request the more likely it will be available.)

Institute on Open Educational Resources Team

Have questions about OER at Hiram? Contact the OER team:

  • Andrew White
  • Nick Hirsch
  • Nicole Gatrell
  • Brittany Jackson
  • Cathy Erbes
  • Kelly NewVine
  • Janet Vogel

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming events!


Have an idea for an event or workshop? Let us know!

Past Events

October 13, 2021: Open Educational Resources Workshop
David Harris, editor-in-chief for OpenStax at Rice University introduces Open Educational Resources (OERs), the current landscape, and uses OpenStax as an example of a resources for finding quality OERs. To request a link to view the recording, contact Janet Vogel

March 2022: Wiley Author Workshop for OhioLINK: How to Publish in Wiley Open Access Journals
In this recorded webinar Wiley discussed:

  • What is Open Access and what are the benefits?
  • Author workflow: how to submit a manuscript to an Open Access journal and getting the APC covered through an existing agreement with your institution
  • Publication tips for authors: Why publish
  • Submission and review: what to expect?
  • Writing tips; Tools for authors: Author Services and Wiley Editing Services. 

May 4, 2022: Open Educational Resources Workshop: Using Ancillary Materials
Learn more about how to utilize OER Ancillary materials from David Harris, editor-in-chief for OpenStax at Rice University. Following that, learn how to integrate OpenStax cartridges into your Moodle Courses. To request a link to view the recording, contact Janet Vogel.