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Open Educational Resources (OER) Information: OhioLINK Open Access Publishing Options

OhioLINK Open Access Publishing

OhioLINK Open Access (OA) Agreements now allow authors at Hiram College to publish barrier-free, OA articles in Wiley, Cambridge, and Institute of Physics journals. In the past, publishers have charged authors a fee to publish OA Articles to cover the money that the publisher lost by not being able to sell a subscription. (This is different than predatory journals who require authors to pay a fee in order to be published and whose journals still charge subscriptions to readers.) 


What is Open Access Publishing?

Open access (OA) is a way to publish that makes content freely available to read with no subscription or access fees, as well as licensing the work to allow for reuse.  OhioLINK's Read & Publish deal with Cambridge applies to articles published as "Gold open access," in either fully open access journals or hybrid open access journals. 

Gold open access refers to articles that are published as open access when the author pays an article publishing charge (APC). This APC allows the journal to make the article openly available without any subscription or fee to read.  These articles may be published in either a fully gold open access journal (in which all articles are open access, so there is never a subscription fee for the journal) or a hybrid journal (in which authors have the option to publish as open access, so that the journal has some open access articles and some subscription access articles).

Why Should I Publish Open Access Articles? Is it still copyrighted?

By publishing your articles as Open Access (OA), you will give more people access to your work, especially those who do not have the means to pay for a subscription. OA content is still copyrighted, and you retain the same rights as you would with a traditional journal publication. 

I have other questions. Who Do I Ask?

Contact the Hiram College Library first. If we can't answer your questions, we will connect you with someone who can.