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MGMT 28000 Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management - Clevenger


  • Determine your topic, then follow a process which makes sense to you for gathering relevant information.
  • Gather current events information about your company / example.
  • Explore academic journals and trade publications for information about your organizational behavior(s).
  • Search for related current events and news-based items related to your topic. Synthesize.

Explore Scholarly Sources (Databases)

Explore the scholarly literature about your topic. Use Oxford Research Encyclopedias to find an overview of your topic.

Academic Search Complete is an EBSCOhost database

Popular Press

Search Popular Press / News / Media sources for topics.

Research Note

Note that Google News will have up-to-the-minute news and events information; but, you should carefully evaluate the sources you find and check some of the resources discussed above for confirmation and additional background. Google Scholar is another source you might use to narrow your topic; if you use Google Scholar from on-campus you will automatically have access to library resources when they are available in your results set. If you use Google Scholar from off-campus, use this link that will ask you to login with your Hiram credentials.