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MGMT 36600 Organizational Development - Clevenger


This Management Databases tab lists management related resources, presenting scholarly journals, trade publications, company information, and industry information. If the management resources and specialized resources sections bring back too few results, expand your search with the general resources section.

Management - Start Here

Once in Business Source Complete, click on "Company Information" in the blue ribbon at the very top of the screen to allow you to search for company profiles using limiters such as size, number of employees, and location. The video below reviews the process.

Management - Specialized Resources

Remember that there are two ways to obtain company information from Nexis Uni:

  1. Search the "standard" Nexis Uni using either the main search bar or a guided search and narrow your results accordingly.
  2. Use the Company Dossier option to see results that a business subscriber would see. 
    • Click Menu at the top left next to the Nexis Uni logo
    • Select Company Dossier
    • Search for your company name
    • Remember that it will only return what it thinks are the top 3 results. Click the blue "view all" button to see all of the results. 

General Resources

These databases contain broad subject coverage which applies to many disciplines.

Using Academic Search Complete to Find 2 Journal articles about your topic:

Using the Advanced Search features of Academic Search Complete to help you refine or expand your search to find articles.