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Saving Links for Citations (Permalinks)

Want to save that article you found so that you can come back to it? Did you find a great book and want to save the link so you can pick it up later? Be sure to use a permalink or stable URL. Just copying and pasting from the address bar of your browser will not allow you to get back to your item again, unfortunately. (Sorry - it's an annoying thing with library sources.)

  • In the library catalog, there is a link for a "Permalink to this Record" just above the box with the item's location. Copy that URL to save it. 
  • For EBSCO databases (Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, etc.), you must go into the article and select the Permalink. Instructions are available here from Adelphi University. 
  • Nexis Uni is a little less obvious, but instructions are available here
  • JSTOR instructions.

If you are unsure whether you have found a permalink, always note the title, author, journal title (if applicable), date of publication, and where you found the source so that you can ask a librarian for help. With those pieces of information, a librarian can usually find the article again with you.

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