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MGMT 36600 Organizational Development - Clevenger

Plagiarism defined

To plagiarize is to use someone else's work, whether published or unpublished, thru direct quotation or paraphrase, without giving credit to the author.  Copy-pasting directly from the Internet or from online works is also plagiarism

Check the Student Academic Responsibilities section of the Hiram College Catalog for the definition of plagiarism and its repercussions.

The Hiram College Writing Center's Style Guide also provides resources to help you avoid plagiarism. 

Avoiding Plagiarism


This page from Purdue University should help you avoid plagiarism:

Quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing

And several more pages from Purdue University to hone your skills at paraphrasing:

Paraphrasing Basics

Paraphrasing Exercises and Answers

Lycoming College Plagiarism Game

The Goblin Threat game was created by Mary Broussard with assistance on question writing from Jessica Urich.

Link to Goblin Threat Plagiarism Game