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Student Orientation: FAQs

Not sure where to go or what to do to use the library resources? These FAQs might help. If you're still stuck, please contact us. We're here to help!

Research Questions

More Questions

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students sit in chairs at tables studying
3 study areas with tables and chairs
Tables and Chairs in Collaboration Room
three study spaces with tables and chairs
three study spaces with tables and chairs

General Library Questions

How do I print from a library computer? 

The library has multiple computers on the first floor for student use. When you print, the computer will ask you to login with your Hiram username and password. The Papercut system will automatically deduct 6 cents per black & white page from your account. Students receive $30 in their Papercut account each fall. For more information, contact the Dray Computer Center.

Where is the restroom?
  • Lower level: next to the spiral staircase.
  • First floor: behind the spiral staircase. From the front doors, walk past the offices on your right and turn right. Gender neutral restrooms are on either side of the staircase.
  • Second Floor: behind the water fountain. From the elevator, walk straight back restrooms are on either side of the water fountain.
  • Third Floor: next to the elevator.

Spot a Mess?

For food or drink spills, equipment malfunctions, or anything else that doesn’t seem right, please notify the Ask Here Desk.

Additional information about the Library is available on the Hiram College Library website,