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Student Orientation: Borrowing eBooks

Using eBooks at the Library

Library eBooks are convenient and a great use of your iPad. Most eBooks are available for you to download and keep as long as you need them. However, some will only allow you to download a small section, while others will only let you check them out for a limited period of time (usually 7 days). Most Hiram College Library eBooks are available for unlimited use, meaning that you and all of your classmates can use the same book at the same time. Sometimes your professor will use a library eBook as their textbook.

Note: This section is under construction!

EBSCO eBooks

Most Hiram College Library eBooks are available from EBSCO, one of our largest vendors. You can access them in a number of different ways, which can be confusing. 


Use OneSource to search for all of the books and eBooks that Hiram owns.

  • Getting Started with OneSource (EBSCO) 

OneSource connects you to Hiram's database and can help you find eBooks to download or borrow. You have the option to download PDFs or EPUBs (if available). PDFs are pictures that cannot be manipulated, and are the same size no matter what device you are on. An EPUB is able to be manipulated and adjusts in size based on where you are viewing it. You usually need an App like the EBSCO Mobile App to read an EPUB book on your iPad.  

  • How to find your eTextbooks through OneSource (EBSCO) 

Be aware that not every book is available as an eBook. OneSource has that information listed underneath the icon of the book as shown below.  

  1. Go to and look under Begin “Your Research Here”. Select “OneSource Search” to start.
  2. Select the appropriate search option based on the information you have. When taken to the search results, If you are off campus, log in to have access to Hiram's full catalogue. do so by clicking the yellow bar at the top of the page.  

  3. The result list should have PDF Full text, and Full Download on most results. If EPUB Full text is present you can borrow the download, typically for 7 days.

  4. If using a PDF, you can import to Notabilty or another app for notetaking. You cannot take notes in the EBSCO Mobile App

O'Reilly/Safari eBooks

The library subscribes to the O'Reilly (formerly Safari) online library of eBooks. These books include a number of subjects from computer manuals to business resources. Accessing O'Reilly eBooks is a little bit different than standard library eBooks. You can find O'Reilly eBooks in the library's regular catalog, or you can search the platform directly using the first link below.