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Hiram College Library

March Madness Library Bracket Challenge

March Madness Library Bracket Challenge!

Hiram College Library is hosting a March Madness Bracket Challenge for faculty, staff, and students! It's a fun way for everyone to engage in college athletics and maybe learn more about basketball along the way. The best part is there will be prizes!

This event is supported by the State Library Of Ohio with federal funds from The Institute of Museum and Library Services.


How To Play:

It's really easy! All you need to do is fill out a bracket for the entire March Madness tournament picking a winner of each matchup until you have a champion. You can either pick up a bracket in the library by the circulation desk or download a copy from the NCAA March Madness website. Once you fill out your bracket you email your submission to and you're all set!

The way you win is by picking the most correct matchups throughout the tournament and each correct pick as each round of the tournament advances you earn more points. The entries that finish with the Top 5 most points will win prize packages! Make sure your bracket is submitted by Thursday, March 21 to qualify!




Hiram College has access to two databases you can use to help inform how you fill out your bracket if you decide to do some research!


Sports Business Journal



If you have any questions about how this program works please don't hesitate to email or