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Hiram College Library

Hiram College Library fosters intellectual excellence and encourages lifelong learning in the Hiram community.

Connecting from Off Campus

Gaining access to Hiram's resources from off campus is a little different than if you were sitting in the library here. The difference being that when you are off campus you need to use your Hiramnet username and password to access these materials.

If you need help remembering your Hiramnet username/password see Hiram's self service password manager.

You can confirm that you are accessing Hiram College Library resources and need to enter a Hiramnet username/password when you see the following screen:

You may see the above log in screen when you attempt to connect to a index/database directly from the website, or through the OneSource catalog. Remember that the username/password is the same as what you use to connect to campus computers, the Hiramnet.

Troubleshooting Off Campus Login Problems

Here are several of the most common issues when attempting to connect from Off Campus to one of Hiram College Libraries resources.

  • Using the wrong code for the barcode entry on the website’s login. Check to make sure you are using the correct barcode here.
  • If you are using the correct barcode, make sure that it has been registered. If this is your first time using the library, visit the library to register your barcode or email with your name, student ID number, phone number, and the barcode on the back of your student ID. You will receive a response within 1 business day. 
  • Using an incorrect Hiram username/password. For further information see Hiram's Self Service Password Manager.
    • If you do not have a Hiram username/password you must contact Dray computer center to address this issue.
  • Many students start their research by using Google or Google Scholar. 
    • Unfortunately this can result in you being linked to the pay publishers website instead of the free link to the resource through OneSource or Hiram College Library's portal. One of the most common screens you will see that indicates you are at the wrong webpage is the EBSCOhost login page.

If you are still having trouble, contact the library.