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Hiram College Library

Hiram College Library fosters intellectual excellence and encourages lifelong learning in the Hiram community.

6 Reasons Why The Library is The Most Important Place In Town.

  1. Libraries are places where people come to know themselves and their communities.
  2. Archives preserve historic artifacts, oral histories, digital history projects, and monographs relevant to the community
  3. Libraries serve as catalysts for addressing social problems.
  4. Libraries provide important business resources, especially for small local businesses.
  5. Libraries provide information, resources, and support for all patrons regardless of race, gender identity, or class.
  6. Libraries offer opportunities for remote access, making it possible for those who can’t get to the library to still access the library’s cultural and educational offerings.

Support the Library

Support the Library

Great academic libraries depend upon loyal and generous benefactors, whose support helps make the library the heart of a college campus. The Hiram College Library is no exception, having been fortunate to have the support of alumni and other Friends. Your gift to the library makes for better library collections and services for the Hiram College community, both current members and the generations to come.

So, no matter how you choose to support the library, we thank you.

Join the Friends – Joining the Friends of the Hiram College Library is the easiest way to support the library. Since its founding in 1984, the Friends have donated more than a half of a million dollars to the library. Visit the Friends of the Library section to learn more about how to get involved. or go directly to the membership form.

Donate – Learn more about donating to the library (including books and other materials). 

Honor with Books – Learn more about honoring someone by adding a book to the collection with a special bookplate by visiting our Honor with Books page.