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Hiram College Library

My Library Account

How Do I Check My Account?

My Library is your account in the Hiram College Library catalog. 

Checking your account starts with logging into the Library Catalog on which allows you to find information on:

  • Checked out books (and see their due dates).
  • Your contact and address information.
  • Your current amount of Fines.
  • The status of any book requests.

As well as providing access to features such as:

  • Saving searches for future use.
  • Saving lists of books to email/export.
  • Renewing checked out materials to extend their due date.

Begin checking your account by going to the Library Catalog Account Page.

This will take you to a screen that looks like the one below, where you can use your first & last name plus your Barcode # to login.

If you are unsure as to how to find your barcode, detailed information can be found in the Your Library Barcode tab above or use your University ID number as your barcode. 

                OPAL Catalog Login Screen Last Name and Barcode


If you log in successfully you will be at your account dashboard.

  • My Requests: view any books you have placed on hold to be picked up at the Ask Here Desk
  • My Fines: see any outstanding fines you may have.
  • Checked Out: see the books you have checked out and when they are due. 
  • Renew items from this screen as well. 

                OPAL Catalog My Account Screen


If you are still having trouble, you can visit the library front desk or give us a call at (330)-569-5489 or email us.

Requesting materials to resources from OhioLINK will require you to enter a Library issued Barcode in order to access the sites.  The Barcode and your name should be all that you need to access any resources provided by Hiram College Library.

Your Barcode is either your College or Banner ID number or the 14 digit number starting with 25223 on the back of your Hiram ID card. (See Below.) The barcode on the back of your ID has to be registered with the library before you can use it. Follow the steps below to register it. In the meantime, just use your Banner ID number!

Your Hiram ID should come to you with a Barcode already on it. If not, please visit the Ask Here Desk in the library to obtain one.

Regardless, you will need to make sure the library has your Barcode in its database. You may do this by:

  • Clicking on the Check My Library Account link and attempting to log in. If you are able to do so, you are in the library's database and are good to go.  
    • If you get an error message, please email with your name, barcode number, and student ID or visit the Ask Here Desk. 
    • If you lose your Hiram ID you must obtain a new one at Campus Safety in the Kennedy Center. You may also contact them by email at or by phone at 330-469-4119.  
      • Once you have a new card and Barcode please let us know so we can update number in our system. 
    • If your Barcode becomes too worn to read, please visit the Ask Here Desk in the library for a new one.

Are you a first year or transfer student? Never used the Hiram College Library? 

If prompted for a library barcode to access library materials, use your College/Banner ID number (found on the front of your ID card). 

The first time you check out materials, staff will register the barcode that is on the back of your ID card. You can then use either that number (with no spaces) or your student ID number when prompted for a barcode. 

If you have any questions or if there is a problem with your account, please email with your name, Hiram ID number (on the front of your ID), and the number on the barcode on the back of your ID. We will update your account within 1 business day.